Cierra Spice

First Impressions

Is Cierra Spice really a 19 year old college student? I have no way of confirming that but she certainly looks like a college girl and that´s all that really matters to me. She´s super hot with a great body and I can´t think of anything more a man would possibly need from an online model. She looks Latin and the rest of the girls in the network that runs her site are Latin but it´s not heavy. If she follows through on her statement of getting fully nude inside I know I´am going to have a real good time.

Hot Promises

That promise of being fully nude is probably the most important one. There are preview pictures where they have her pussy censored and I would imagine that in the member´s area we´ll get to see the full thing. She also promises weekly updates and weekly journals and some cool candid photos. Members get access to bonus sites too so it´s looking good so far. Almost all solo girl sites eventually stop updating so I would put all your faith in the additions. Let´s go inside and I can check to make sure that new content is still being added.


Cierra Spice welcomes you to the member´s area with a quick note and a picture of her with her cute dog, Rico. The most recent updates are listed right below the note and at this point she´s adding a new gallery or video almost every week, which is pretty good. If she were adding one of each every week it would be even better but some girls just don´t go to that length and since there are six bonus sites that blow is significantly lessened.

There are 49 galleries as of March 4, 2009 so if you assume three new galleries a month it shouldn´t be hard to do the math as to how many sets there are whenever you´re reading this review. The Latina hottie usually produces about 50 pictures per gallery and they display at 1200px, which should be good enough for everyone. If you like hands free jacking you can fire up the slideshow feature and watch the pictures of this beautiful gal pass by. There´s also a zip file to download if you want to keep a copy of the set on your hard drive.

The technical aspects of the galleries are very well done so it´s up to Cierra Spice to deliver on the artistic aspects, if you will. For the most part she delivers what you would expect from a solo model of her quality. There are lots of sets where she starts out dressed in a typical teen outfit (a tank top and shorts; a cute hoodie and jeans; a skirt and a cute top) and will then slowly strip from it to reveal her astoundingly sexy Latina body underneath. You´ll see her in lingerie from time to time but she usually doesn´t do anything super fancy or over the top. The corset dress gallery is probably the hottest lingerie set and it´s definitely a boner creator.

A costume/theme gallery shows up occasionally, such as when she puts on a pleated skirt and white thigh high stockings and plays the naughty schoolgirl. Given her youthfulness and sexiness it´s a role that she´s uniquely suited to embody so that was fun. Of all my sets my favorites are the two that show her wearing a short and tight leopard print dress. It´s the kind of thing a girl wears when she wants the attention of every guy in the room and Cierra Spice had no trouble getting that from me in the little dress. Her body looks fantastic and of course she can really drive a man wild with her shapeliness. There are occasional bikini galleries as well and if you´ve seen Cierra then you know she has the body to pull off a bikini.

I think it´s worth talking about just how beautiful Cierra Spice is. Among the Latina solo babes I think she´s the prettiest and by a pretty wide margin. Because of her bright smile she comes off as kind and soft and when she starts taking off her clothes you´ll see that she has a body that was clearly made for sinning. Luckily for us she´s more than willing to commit a few when she gets in front of the camera. Taking her clothes off is one of them but you will also occasionally see her introduce a dildo to her sweet young pussy.

While the dildo fucking is fun in the picture galleries it´s much better in the video sets. Seeing up close as the toy slides into her wet Latin pussy is astounding and she always treats us to a little bit of pleasured moaning as well just to make sure that we know she´s having a good time. There are nine videos and they´re all available for download in three formats: WMV, QuickTime and MP4. On the tour it mentions that the videos are filmed in WMV HD and that´s very crafty because they´re not actually available in HD. 720x400 is the resolution, which is a far cry from high definition. They´re still high quality though and they certainly provide you with the pleasure you see from this gorgeous young model.

My favorite is the one she calls? Getting Oily!? She´s sun tanning during the set and the only thing she´s wearing is a pair of sunglasses to protect her eyes from the glare. She´s got a big bottle of baby oil that she´s rubbing all over her body and it looks marvelous. Just about any woman looks better when she´s all shiny with baby oil but it´s especially true if the woman is super gorgeous and sexy like Cierra Spice. The fact that she just keeps rubbing her body is pretty delicious.

The journal is sparsely populated so far but it looks like the site launched in early February 2009 so she hasn´t had much time. She posts pictures with most of the entries, although they seem to be previews from her shoots, not the candid pictures she talked about. The entries are usually brief so don´t expect to get much personal info. There are wallpapers but they feature all the girls from the bonus network of sites, not just Cierra. They´re all hot so it´s no big deal but more with Cierra would have been even better.

As I mentioned there are six bonus sites. Each features Latina girls and they´re all young, as you would expect. It´s brilliant because they all hold the same appeal as Cierra so if you like her you´re going to like at least a couple of the bonus sites. They´ve all been around longer than her as well so they have more content. You can access any of them immediately and if you ever run out of content featuring Cierra you can just hop over and get wild.

Croco’s Opinion

Cierra Spice is a gorgeous Latin girl with her own website where she strips for you and models her naughty body. She has produced nearly 50 photo galleries a little more than a month after officially launching and now she updates 4-6 times a month with new pictures and movies. The image sets are my favorite part of the site as they offer high resolution shots of the flawless gal and her nude body. She has a remarkable smile and it seems as though she´s always happy, which is so nice to see. It´s also nice to see her shaved Latina pussy. There aren´t many videos at this point and they´re not HD as they imply on the tour but they still look good and getting to see her in action is a treat. The thing that makes joining worth the money is the bonus content. There are enough sites to keep you busy for a long time with Latina porn.


The site is very well designed and they´ve made it exceptionally easy to find your way through the content.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 every 30 days or $59.95 every 90 days.

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